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The Sepab

Société d'Exploitation du Parc Bestiaux (stockyard management company)

SEPAB is the leading company in Europe for livestock transit and storage and works with the biggest economic operators in the industry. It has many assets:

  • Located in Sète, 4 miles from the A9 motorway, the export centre is at the gateway to a direct sea route to countries around the Mediterranean.
  • The storage building measures 3000 sq. m. and can house 850 head (large cattle breeds). It complies with European standards with regard to both construction and operation. Conditions are therefore optimal for the health and welfare of the animals.
  • SEPAB is the only centre which can offer individual customs clearance for the animals.
  • The efficiency of the veterinary and customs services in Sète is a great asset for us to hold our position as leader.
  • The stockyard has 2 mobile units which make it much simpler to load animals in different sanitary categories because they can be embarked at any point in the port.
  • A lorry swilling and washing station is provided.

With an annual average of 85,000 head of cattle and 107 port calls, SEPAB accounts for 10 to 25%, depending on the year, of trade in the port of Sète and makes it the first European port for this type of shipping.