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Washing station

Once the livestock has been carried to our premises and penned, transporters can use our brand new washing station for swift, efficient cleaning and disinfection of their lorries.

The detergents and disinfectants are approved for food contact. The station filters and processes the dirty water (tested as drinkable) and recovers the animal waste and excrements for recycling.

Our demands regarding the environment and health have spurred us to introduce standards higher than the statutory requirements.

So drivers can set off in vehicles so clean they can be used for any other kind of load.

The modular facilities of our washing station with four automatic rollover washes, two high-pressure sprays, two high-output sprays and a vacuum cleaner offer custom cleaning of four vehicles at a time.

Drivers’ comfort is not forgotten either. For them there is a rest area with TV, refreshments, showers and toilets.

The final quality touch to this new service is the presence of a technical agent and adaptable hours.