• Bateau en instance chargement bétail
  • Quai mobile
  • Embarquement des animaux par la rampe
  • Embarquement sécurisé moutons par la rampe
  • Chargement sacs granulés sur le pont
  • rampe arrivée pour taureaux sur bateau
  • Camion en attente déchargement fourrage sur navire
  • box stabulation à l'intérieur du navire


SEPAB ensures the livestock are properly driven from the stockyard to the boarding gate. The dockers then take over to drive them to the stalls on board which are identical to those in the SEPAB stockyard.

The boarding passages and mobile units ensure that the livestock is driven safely to the ships in the order stipulated by the exporter.

Three ships can be loaded at once, at a rate of 300 head of cattle per hour and per ship, in strict compliance with health and safety rules. SEPAB also handles supply of hay, straw and feed to the livestock boats.