• abreuvoir box
  • sieste ruminants au parc
  • fourrage en quantité illimitée pour bovins
  • chargement botte de paille à l'arrivée du bateau
  • parc bestiaux entièrement nettoyé et désinfecté

Livestock accomodation

Upon arrival, each animal is sent into a thoroughly clean stall spread with fresh litter. Depending on its size, an animal will be in a space measuring 1.5 to 1.9 sq. m. The livestock are stored according to allotment per lorry. They are under constant surveillance.

Fodder is dispensed twice a day. The feed is adapted to different types of animal as requested by the exporter.

To meet the requirements of its customers, SEPAB supplements the fodder ration with specially-made granules which are rich in proteins and cellulose in proportions adapted to the type of cattle.