• Bétaillères à quai en cours déchargement par la passerelle mobile
  • Pause 24 h vache blanche
  • Pause 24 h vache noire
  • Embarquement direct via le quai mobile des animaux sur le bateau

24 hr rest period

For long-distance transport, we provide cattle and drivers with a really good 24-hour rest period.

Animal welfare, health and safety are at the centre of our concerns.

When we house cattle, we always comply with the vehicle's partitioning to ensure the animals are comfortable.

Hay and straw are of course freely available and watering is automatic.

On request, we can supply concentrate feeds adapted to the species of animal.

Driver convenience is catered for too, with washing and sanitary facilities, rest rooms and kitchen.

We also offer a map of beyond the port so drivers can go out and enjoy themselves in the lovely town of Sète.

And to cap it all, the same way as pizzas, the tenth rest period of the year is on the house.

See you soon !